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Full HD Camera Lamp

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Product description FULL HD WiFi camera in LED table lamp with motion detection

FULL HD WiFi camera in LED table lamp with motion detection and mobile app control. LED desk lamp with WiFi FULL HD camera and 330° rotating lens, along with motion detection and night vision, make this lamp a great inconspicuous guardian for interior use. Night lamp can be placed on a shelf or table and then watch in real time respectively record what is happenings in the monitored area.

 The built-in lamp camera records Full HD images in high definition 1920x1080 and is located on a rotating lens (you can control remotely) which allows you to adjust the shooting angle. All functions of lamp are operated via the freely available application "ICAM" for smartphones (iOS, Android) where you can choose any color light of the lamp for pleasant ambient lighting, you can also change the shooting angle by sliding your finger on the smartphone or zoom-in, or talk remotely thanks two-way communication.

The 2.0 Megapixel optics delivers a Full HD 1920x1080 resolution so you will not miss any detail of the recording

The security camera can be connected to a home router via WIFI or P2P, allowing you to view the image anytime and anywhere using your mobile phone. Captured records always go through H.264 compression to reduce file size and then are stored on a micro SD card supported up to 128GB. The security IP camera in the lamp is especially suitable for housekeeping, apartment, children, pets, but it can also be used in offices and other places where you want to have overview during your absence, because thanks to the motion sensor you will always be alerted to an unexpected visit by notification directly to your mobile phone.

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