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Coffee Cup Lid Camera

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Product Description

Hidden camera disguised as a fully functional coffee cup lid with built-in micro SD card recorder! 

Video Quality
This item records HD digital video at a resolution of 1920x1080 and features full-motion 30FPS (frames per second) video. 

Use it anywhere
Ideal for any office environment - home or business! Camera looks out the right side of the item (see picture 3 for diagram)
The camera, battery, and HD recorder are all hidden inside the lid, use whatever coffee cup you'd like! 

Night Vision Mode
Very few hidden cameras offer night vision but this one does! See up to 3-4 feet in total darkness. The built-in infrared lights let the camera see clearly in total darkness but these special IR lights are totally invisible to the human eye.

Built-in Battery and DVR recorder
Start and stop recording easily using this device's single-button operation. Recharge or review your video via USB, or remove the Micro SD card (sold separately) and insert it into any PC to view your recordings.

Digital Playback
The video files are recorded as AVI so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular free software like Windows Media Player or VLC and they can be easily edited by most video editors. Connects with a USB cable to transfer the files. 

Long Battery Recording Time
The built-in rechargeable battery can power this camera for up to 3 hours of continuous recording.

Plug and Play
PC and Mac Compatible
Video Resolution 1920x1080 
Frames Per Second: 30 
Video Format AVI 
View Angle approx. 80 degrees
Recording Memory Consumption Approx 9GB/hour 
Playback Software Windows Media Player or VLC 
USB Data/Power Cable Included

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