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Action 4K Pro Camera

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This product is a high-end high-definition sports waterproof product launched for the outdoor sports market. This product has industry-leading digital video recording, recording, WIFI, battery detachable functions, etc. It is your diving surfing, outdoor sports, home security, The best video equipment for deep waterproof and other activities, can meet your shooting anytime, anywhere, this product has a number of patents.

Operational precautions

1. This product is a high-precision product, do not drop or hit.

2. Do not place the camera near objects with strong magnetism, such as magnets and motors. Also, avoid placing the product near objects that emit strong radio waves. Strong magnetic fields may cause product malfunction or damage to images and sound.

3. Do not place the camera in a place with high temperature or direct sunlight.

4. Please select the brand Micro SD card (the speed requirement of the card is CLASS 10 or above), and the normal card cannot be guaranteed to be used normally.

5. Do not store the Micro SD card in or near strong magnetic fields. Avoid losing the stored data in the Micro SD card.

6. If there is overheating, smoking, or odor during charging, please unplug the power immediately and stop charging to avoid fire.

7. When charging, please keep the product out of reach of children. The power cord may cause accidental suffocation or electric shock to children.

8. Place the product in a cool, dry and dusty place.

Product Features

1. Load a special waterproof case, you can shoot at a depth of 35-40 meters

2. Newly designed 2.0-inch HD screen, great video for display and replay

3.1350MA detachable battery for easy battery replacement, safe and durable, longer battery life

4.6 glass A+ 150° high precision lens

5. Up to 24 million pixels can be supported

6.HDMI high-definition output function

7. Support up to 128G memory card

8. Multiple video recording formats 4K 2K 1080P, etc.

9.MP4 format video recording, H.264 compression format

10. With fisheye correction function, with fisheye correction function, effectively improve the distortion angle, restore the image

11. Support underwater shooting mode

12.3 axis gyroscope anti-shake technology

13. Super WIFI, APP Internet, can share wonderful pictures in real time

14. Dual channel stereo sound quality, listening to the clearest sound

15. The screen can be clicked on video and photo to facilitate the collection of hands

16. Support the recording function, you can capture beautiful moments in the video


Product specification


150°A+ high resolution wide angle


2.0 inch LCD HD screen

Video resolution





Video angle

Standard / wide angle / narrow angle

Storage format

Micro SD card, up to 128G

USB interface



Two-channel stereo

Life time

About 50Min

Photo mode

Single shot / continuous shooting / timed shooting

operating system

Windowsxp/VistaorAbove/Win7/Mac os

Operating language

English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplied Chinese/Japanese/Traditional Chinese/ Russian/Korean/Polish/Swedish


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